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Jonathan Cooper Gallery

"In undertaking this exhibition devoted to the Tulipa Strickland follows in the footsteps of illustrious artistic forebears, including painters of the Dutch Golden Age such as Ambrosius Bosschaert, Balthasar van der Ast, and Jacob Marrel, whose seventeenth-century Tulip Book she travelled to study at close-hand in the Rijksmuseum in 2016. Exploring the subject of the tulip, so integral to the history of Dutch art, also allows Strickland (who lives and works in Scotland) to reconnect with her ancestral heritage: it is unsurprising to learn that her grandmother, who moved from the Netherlands to Scotland as a child, was a marvellous gardener who instilled a love of plants in her young granddaughter by allowing her to visit the sanctuary of her tulip-filled greenhouse"

Rebecca Wall, Jonathan Cooper Gallery


18. Tulipa 'Joseph Paxton' and Adonis'.j