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Fiona Strickland._edited.png

"My process is grounded in acute observation; a scrutiny and forensic analysis that begins on first sight. Passionate about the natural environment and taking inspiration from both an emotive and artistic response, I have a curiosity for the diversity of the overlooked and the discovery of the beauty that exists when a plant is less than perfect or viewed from an unusual viewpoint which lifts my spirits, engages my senses and compels me to paint and hopefully this is demonstrated in this selection of my work.

Captivated by any one of several elements, my acquired knowledge helps fuel my selection process. My observations focus on light, colour, a particular observed moment in time and my essential need to record them.

The acknowledged boundaries of scientific plant representation or the analysis for mere replication are of no primary interest to me, compared to an insight into the essence of the plants character. The communication of such visually complex plant forms takes exceptional technical virtuosity, indeed there are moments in their execution, when time stops, and I am completely absorbed in the emerging narrative."

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