Fiona Strickland is a world renowned botanical artist and tutor, highly respected in the upper echelons of Botanical ArtHer signature approach to this genre displays a passion for intense colour and extraordinary attention to detail, which captures her emotive response, and the spirit of her subject. 


In addition to continuing this age-old tradition Fiona  also seeks to challenge and inspire through her unrivalled technical virtuosity in the application of multiple layers of transparent watercolour. The viewer is persuaded to discover a hitherto unnoticed aspect of a plant; be it a view from an unusual angle, a focus on an otherwise overlooked detail, or its' beauty revealed at a vital moment.


It is of no surprise that her work is highly sought after by prestigious collectors, institutions and individuals alike who have a passion for botanical art work of the highest quality.

Fiona is represented in the UK by the Jonathan Cooper Gallery, London


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