Tulipa 'Blumex Parrot'


"In her choice of subject Strickland aims to inspire an emotive response, and a feeling of connection with the viewer. Often depicting flowers from an unusual viewpoint or at turning points in their life cycle"

Rebecca Wall, Jonathan Cooper


1. Bud, portrait (Tulipa, 'Blumex Parrot
2. Bud (Tulipa 'Blumex Parrot') V.jpg

Bud Portrait (Tulipa 'Blumex Parrot')

Bud (Tulipa 'Blumex Parrot')

3. Group Portrait (Tulipa 'Blumex Parrot
7. Tulipa 'Blumex Parrot' V.jpg

Group Portrait (Tulipa 'Blumex Parrot')

Tulipa 'Blumex Parrot'