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Dried Sunflower
Watercolour on Fabriano Artistico
75 x 56 cms (unframed)
Jonathan Cooper Gallery.London

SOLD Private Collection

"I'd kept this dried Sunflower preserved in a box for years, frequently studying how I might approach recording such a fragile treasure. Over time its'  vibrant colour faded, revealing a beautiful, and previously hidden, linear and structural quality.  Offering me significant technical challenges in the recording of its strength, fragility, and opposing colour temperatures, I had no choice but to paint it."


." the selection of subject matter I try to discover an aspect of a plant by surprise, as if seeing it for the first time, individual, beautiful and appealing, sometimes in a state of decay......."


Dried Sunflower

RHS Gold Medal

Sold. Private Collection


Last Sunflower

Watercolour on Fabrianno Artistico

RHS Gold Medal

13th International Exhibition of Botanical Art and Illustration Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Pittsburgh (Cover)

Collection of Hunt Institute

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